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Source: Pitchbook 2022, EMSI 2020

Greater Sacramento is the gateway to the most innovative fintech market in the world. The region’s fintech consortium offers firms a direct line to state regulators, venture capital, talent and go-to-market strategies. Here, companies enjoy a diverse ecosystem, easy access to the Bay Area and lower operational costs than other leading California metros.

A diverse fintech ecosystem

Greater Sacramento is home 45+ fintech firms with specialties in:

Capital markets


Small business

Wealth management

Real estate


Digital banking

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James Beckwith, President & CEO at Five Star Bank, shares why the Greater Sacramento region is becoming a leader in fintech.

Fintech success stories


Fintech / Small Business
Zennify delivers creative, contextual business solutions that scale. The company’s services include advisory services, financial services, digital marketing and contact center services for businesses, enabling clients to fuel productivity and innovate across their organizations.


Fintech / Wealth Management
Riskalyze creates alignment between clients and portfolios, leveraging sophisticated analytics to increase the quality of asset managers’ advice, automate trading and client account management and provide world-class models and research.

Aaron Klein, CEO of Riskalyze
Aaron Klein,
CEO of Riskalyze

I think it’s been hugely beneficial to be based in Sacramento, instead of in Valley. We’re able to recruit amazing talent who move here for the quality of life and affordability of the region.

Top fintech employers in Greater Sacramento

wdt_ID Company Location type Employee count
1 GoodLeap (formerly LoanPal) HQ 482
2 Riskalyze HQ 152
3 One Finance HQ 29
4 Zennify HQ 17

Source: DB Hoovers 2022